sexta-feira, 14 de novembro de 2014

My hands

I’m giving you my hands
Mothers of caresses
Hands from the genetics of an endless love
Address of blessings harvested from the angels’ cots

I’m giving you my laugh that knows so well how to supplant the weeping
My lips that have dressed kisses in singular bodies.
Guardians of gold and diamonds souls

I’m giving you my words
A forever yes
And this human being that never resigns and nothing see too far

I’m giving you the Day
The Night
The lap that it will be your home
The Lights
The Party
The Magic…

And I will make you fly
Without needing any wing

I’m giving you my eternal life
The sky that I see in everything and it is part of me


Names are irrelevant details from the dreams that put flowers in our days
From heroes who win the time and create a piece of paradise in everything I see

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